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.. Keyword Density & Prominence 2.7 Reviewer comment – Very extensive tool for deeply exploring the current keyword/keyphrase optimization and usage of any web page. This is just one of many excellent tools from Ranks.NL..

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..A bit of KW usage data about the page - The Ranks.nl tool is still the best..

Rand Fishkin, CEO of Moz on moz.com

I’m thankful for finding Ranks.nl at the beginning of my online career. Ranks enables me to make decisions based on raw data unlike other websites who feed me data and values for what they believe is important. From a support/customer service standpoint, Ranks can’t be beat. Damian has always been quick to respond to any questions or concerns and always eager to accept suggestions for improving the site.

Ranks is the only site that I’ve been a loyal member for over the past 5 years.

Ryan Rose , Department of Search

I just wanted to thank you for your all hard work in producing a truly invaluable tool - and your fairness in assigning a honest and fair price. The continued improvements and advanced capabilities available to Ranks Friends makes it the nominal fee pay for itself time and time again! Keep up the great work!

Matthew Mitchell, Vice President Corporate Communications, Inc.

Ranks NL is the first webmaster tool provider we have ever included to our list. Their keyword density analyzer is such a great tool and we have received positive feedback regarding it. Congrats and keep up the great work. You're providing excellent choice for the market!

WebHostingSearch.com Team

..You can learn a lot about SEO just by performing a simple observation exercise. Next time, we'll roll all the results together to determine which elements of keyword density help optimize a Web page in each of the major engines. Until then, if you haven't done so already, give RANKS.NL a whirl on your optimized Web pages for targeted phrases..

P.J. Fusco on clickz.com

To check a Web page for keyword prominence and density use Ranks NL located at http://www.ranks.nl/ ..

Quote from SEM Roadmap for IBM This search engine optimization course focuses on organic search and is called 'Organic search authoring basics'.
Powerpoint Presentation on ibm.com HTML version *

Ranks.nl offers a variety of really handy tools that help people gain a closer perspective on the content of their site. In my book 'Building Findable Websites', I recommend it to readers as a tool that will help make your message clear to humans and search engines alike.

Aarron Walter aarronwalter.com

The keyword density tools at Ranks.nl and Search Engine World are probably the best ones out there though I rarely use either.

Aaron Wall, founder of SEO Book on seobook.com

Great service you provide.  I have been using your Keyword Density tool for years now.  It's the best value on the market.

Rudy De La Garza, Jr  seomarketing.com

Ranks.nl have some top notch SEO tools. They have the best KWD analyzer, a keyword proximity analyzer and even keyword combo generator. Highly recommended.

Drastic from drastictactics.com

One of my favorite sessions at PubCon is the Competitive Intelligence panel. I thought you might like to see the slide deck I used–complete with a list of 14 tools I recommend for spying on your competition.

Andy Beal, listing Ranks NL in his powerpoint presentation at marketingpilgrim.com

Aarron Walter recommended checking this [Ranks NL] out during his interview on The Big Web Show. Looks like a powerful resource.

Ryan Carson on thinkvitamin.com

Sometimes we run into freeware/free site that is head and heals above everything else available: Check this out (it's the best online SEO tool I've ever used)..

Brett Tabke, CEO of Webmasterworld on webmasterworld.com, Feb 13, 2002

We have been using Ranks.nl for years and have very happy about it. It will give you a suite of pro tools to help your SEO efforts. We like the guys behind it as they are Dutch and therefore have a great understanding of the challenges we face as having a non-english language as our first. Get it before your competitor!

Rasmus Sørensen TLAmedia.dk

..There are a number of free tools available on the Internet that help build search friendly sites. These tools automate tasks we have described in this article. The first is an online analysis Web site available at Ranks.nl Web Site Promotion Tools. This tool checks your Web site for the proper usage of keywords ..

From Driving more traffic to your WebSphere Commerce site

Lead Architect  and Software Engineer IBM on ibm.com *

If you want your company’s web site listing to appear prominently on Google searches, your site content should be chock-full of important keywords for your industry. But how many target keywords actually appear on your web site now?

Ranks.NL offers a tool that helps you get the answers. Just plug in your keywords and URL. The calculator analyzes your site and reports back on how many times your terms appear and whether the frequency is too sparse, too dense or just right.


http://www.ranks.nl/tools/spider.html Great to test keyword density – the cloud is a good visual of words. If the keywords you chose to have greater density isn’t then you know to go back to your content and make changes.

Lori Stammer on clientswebsitecompany.com

The Ranks NL Page Analyzer is perfect for generating the thousands of word clouds we serve every day! I don't know how you do it but the keywords are almost always spot on!

Word Clouds,  www.word-clouds.com

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