Page Analyzer Troubleshooting

I found a problem or bug that is not listed on this page, or I need more help.

Please contact me at and we'll probably work it out soon!


The Page Analyzer can not analyze an URL, but I can reach the URL with my browser.

Check that the site hosting the URL is not serving content based on the User Agent.

The default User Agent for the Page Analyzer is

Page Analyzer vx.x ( )

Where the x's will be numbers.

On the 'Optons' tab of the Page Analyzer form you can change the  User Agent to soemthing else. To mimick a regular browser , use a common User Agent string. An example of a Firefox User Agent is

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; rv:28.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/28.0

There could be other reasons why a site can not be reached, including the IP address of our tools being blocked by the hosting site.

If the site still can not be reached by our tools, contact me at and I'll try to figure out why it's not working.


The Page Analyzer analyzes my URL in a different or unexpected language.

The site hosting the URL you analyze may be using the Accept-Language header to automatically (try to) serve content in the language of the visitor.

As our server is located in Germany, some sites may decide to serve a German version of an URL to our tool, while you might get served an English or other language version when you visit the site with your browser from another country or with other Accept-Language headers.

To counter this effect, set the Accept-Language headers that work best for your case on the Options tab of the Page Analyzer form.

You can also use the custom Accept-Language headers to be able to analyze other language versions of course.


The Page Analyzer lists several 3 word phrases, but no 2 word phrases. How is this possible ?

Not every three word phrase can be broken down into (multiple) two word phrases.


The Page Analyzer automatically guesses the language of a document. and applies a stopwords filter in that language (if available).

Listed keywords/phrases in a report never consist of a stopword only, and can never start or end with a stopword. So if an example three word phrase "Walk the Talk" is listed in the report, it is not broken down into "Walk the" and "the Talk".

The same effect can occur with 4- or even more word phrases. "Walk in the Park" contains stopwords in the middle as well.

Disable the stopwords filter (not recommended for most cases!) to include any combination of words occuring multiple times in the reports.