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Ranks NL company

Ranks NL is managed and maintained by Dutch company 'Ranks'.

If you wish to contact us, please write to

Damian Doyle; damian@ranks.nl
English, Dutch and French are OK.

or by regular mail:

attn. Damian Doyle
Veemarkt 101
1019 CA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Chamber of commerce: 59507284
VAT: NL195892422B01

Ranks NL people

Damian Doyle

Welcome to Ranks NL! I have been working in SEO fulltime since the days of Infoseek in 1998. Back then I developed a homemade keyword density analyzer to improve search engine rankings for my own sites. Around the year 2000 the first public version of this tool was released on this website.

Years -and many bugs- later, in january 2014, I split up my general SEO business so I can work on Ranks NL fulltime.

In my free time I like to ride my motorcycle off road.

Ranks technology

This website is put together using a mix of Perl, Mysql, Javascript and HTML. 

Ranks NL mission

Make the best Keyword Analyzer Tools for URLs, Websites, Texts and Documents. For search engine optimization and other purposes.

System administration

System administration by Store It Online.
Hire your system administrator there and mention I sent you!