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  • Optimizing HTML for SEO manually is time consuming and demands a lot of experience. Professionals and more experienced search engine optimizers save time and money with quick overviews of important on-page factors in search engine marketing.

  • Beginners and search engine marketing students use our tools to help understand why a page may or may not rank well.

  • SEO copywriters use our tools to make sure their articles contain the proper keyword focus.

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Page Analyzer

This tool analyzes keyword density, text and placement in HTML pages to gain a closer perspective on the keyword optimization and keyword usage of any web page.

Use for example to test if a search engine can easily 'understand' what search terms you are targeting on a page. If your main phrase/keyword is not occurring among the top phrases detected by this tool there is a good chance that a search engine will not grasp what the main phrases of that page are either.

Among many others things it helps you answer questions about any URL such as:

  • Does the document use the words and phrases (keywords) you are hoping to be found for ?
  • Is it clear to search engines your targeted keywords are the main focus of the URL ?
  • Do important areas such as title tags contain the keyword(s) you are   targeting ?
  • Do headlines use header tags with relevant keywords ?
  • Do you excessively use keywords you want the URL to rank for ?
  • What language might a search engine think the document is written in ?

The reports also include Off Page data such as link popularity and incoming anchortext, and social network statistics to help you understand why a page might do well or not in the search engines. More importantly, reports include the search engine positions for the most popular keywords in the most relevant language version of Google. Clicking on a keyword in the main report will reveal the estimated search volumes for the exact keyword and phrases containing the keyword.

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Multi Page Analyzer

Analyzes the general theme of a set of web pages, and speed up your work by analyzing multiple URLs with the Page Analyzer, using a single command. Aside from producing regular reports per URL it will also show you what the pages in your URL set have in common.

Multi Page Analyzer main view
Multi Page Analyzer main view
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Multi Page Analyzer link extractor
Multi Page Analyzer - My URL sets

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Welcome to Ranks NL! My name is Damian, programmer and SEO expert.  I have been working in SEO fulltime since the days of Infoseek in 1998. Back then I created a homemade keyword density analyzer to improve search engine rankings for my own sites. Around the year 2000 the first public version of this tool was released on this website.

Years -and many bugs- later, in january 2014, I decided to split up my general SEO business so I can work on Ranks NL fulltime.

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