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..There are a number of free tools available on the Internet that help build search friendly sites. These tools automate tasks we have described in this article. The first is an online analysis Web site available at Ranks.nl Web Site Promotion Tools. This tool checks your Web site for the proper usage of keywords and compares various search engines..

From Driving more traffic to your WebSphere Commerce site

Darshanand Khusial, Lead Architect , IBM and Walfrey Ng, Software Engineer, IBM on ibm.com

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Article Analyzer

Analyzes keyword placement in text or HTML before publishing. Gain a closer perspective on the keyword optimization and keyword usage of any text.

Article Analyzer main view
Article Analyzer working with flat text

Keyword Research

Creates keyword lists in several languages. Using a starting keyword this tool will suggest related phrases. A convenient split interface allows you to work efficiently and keep digging for more keywords you may have missed. The found keywords and phrases can be added to a list for exporting or later usage.

Keyword Research research view
Keyword Research - my keyword sets
Keyword Research - edit a keyword set in textarea

Page Analyzer

Analyzes keyword placement on HTML pages. Gain a closer perspective on the keyword optimization and keyword usage of any web page.

Page Analyzer main keyword view
Page Analyzer elements view
Page Analyzer page properties
Page Analyzer domain properties
Page Analyzer links view
Page Analyzer Google Positions
Page Analyzer images view
Page Analyzer outgoing links view
Page Analyzer advanced form options

Multi Page Analyzer

Analyzes the general theme of a set of web pages, and speed up your work by analyzing multiple URLs with the Page Analyzer, using a single command. Aside from producing regular reports per URL it will also show you what the pages in your URL set have in common.

Multi Page Analyzer main view
Multi Page Analyzer main view
Multi Page Analyzer form
Multi Page Analyzer link extractor
Multi Page Analyzer - My URL sets

Keyword Combinations

Create phrase / keyword lists by combining two or three lists of keywords, or use the tool to expand a single word list. The generated lists can be useful when advertising on PPC search engines such as Google Adwords for example.

Keyword Combinations - expanding a list
Keyword Combinations - documentation
Keyword Combinations - combining two lists into one
Keyword Combinations - combining three lists into one